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The Tea Lady hopes to inspire lively, fun, enlightening and at times, introspection through mutually respectful exchanges.  She hopes to bring people together from different cultures, beliefs, skill sets, generations and lifestyles so we may all evolve and learn from each other. The Tea lady encourages suggestions for shows and website topics, offering possible solutions to pressing issues and resources for accomplishing positive change in all areas of our personal and collective lives.

In addition to bridging differences and finding common ground with each other, the Tea Lady looks forward to discovering the history, art, taste, aroma, and joy of drinking tea!  The harvesting, rituals, and flavors will be a delight to explore - along with the tea cups, pots, gadgets, and food that "go-with" the tea experience.  In addition, it will be fun to collect and share tea anecdotes, processes, philosophies and historical tidbits to begin each show.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you

- Lindy Love

Meet the Tea Lady

Lindy Love

The Tea Lady

Lindy Love was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Suitland, MD.  She moved to the Shenandoah Valley during her last 2 years of High School, and has lived in Northern Virginia since 1978. She is a grateful Mom of two children, Randy and Naomi.

As a child and during her adult life, Lindy has been exposed to cultures and belief systems from around the world, energizing her own spiritual beliefs and experiences.  It is her innate desire to bring peace, harmony, and understanding wherever possible - locally, globally and internally.

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